We now offer a surgery-free and pain-free treatment option for the cure of ingrown toenails.  Ingrown nails have a number of different symptoms all of which can be mildly painful to very painful.  If left untreated, ingrown toenails can lead to worse symptoms, more pain, and infection. Onyfix is a versatile and innovative product that enables completely painless treatment of ingrown toenails.  This system corrects the nail through physiological nail growth.  Is effective without exerting force on the nail.  Great for high-risk diabetics, and children.  There are no restrictions, and polish can be used.  If you are ready to effectively and painlessly cure your ingrown toenail discomfort and pain, schedule your Onyfix treatment with our staff today. 


Toenail fungus and other conditions can damage the toenail and cause it to appear unattractive. While medical treatments are available, they often take months and may never restore the nail to its normal appearance. Dr. Yakel has been trained in an innovative technique KeryFlex Nail Restoration System which improves the appearance of unsightly nails. Similar to bonding a tooth, KeryFlex uses a light-cured and composite resin to create a durable, and yet flexible, artificial nail.

How is the procedure performed? The affected nail(s) are trimmed and filed down. This is performed with a nail clipper and an electric file. Once the nail is prepared, the process of restoring the appearance of the nail begins by applying a honey-like resin. The material is cured, or hardened with the use of ultraviolet light. The nail will then be molded, shaped, and smoothed. Lastly, a sealant topcoat will be applied followed by a second curing process. In most cases, the procedure can be completed in 30 minutes or less depending on the number of nails that need to be restored. The procedure is painless. A KeryFlex nail is unaffected by nail polish, acetone, or detergents. Nail polish may be applied immediately after the completion of the procedure. As a reminder, KeryFlex is a cosmetic procedure designed to immediately improve the appearance of damaged toenails by fungus, defects, or trauma. It is not a cure for fungal nails.


*More severe cases of toenail fungus may require follow-up visits for care.

PinPointe Footlaser is the first light-based device to receive FDA clearance for Onychomycosis (toenail fungus) treatment and is recognized by industry leaders as the gold standard product and alternative procedure for those patients suffering from toenail fungus.

PinPointe Footlaser targets the fungus that lives in and under the toenail by passing laser light through the nail to target the fungus directly. It successfully gets rid of the damaging fungus without causing harm to the nail or the surrounding skin. While it is a highly effective treatment, and many patients report seeing an improvement after the procedure, the toenail will not become instantly clear at the time of the treatment. However, the laser treatment in conjunction with regular use of Dr. Yakel’s post-laser treatment kit, and common-sense precautions can have your toenails looking substantially healthier in just a few weeks. Because toenails grow slowly, it could take up to a year for your new, healthy toenail to grow out fully.



The procedure itself takes about 30 minutes and is virtually painless. (Some say they feel a warming sensation, and an isolated few say they feel a slight pinprick.) There is also no downtime after the procedure so you can resume your regular activity right after the treatment. If desired, you can even paint your nails.  Your toenails will not become instantly clear after your treatment, but with regular use of the recommended post-treatment kit, you will see vastly clearer nails after just a few weeks.  Because toenails grow so slowly, it could take up to a year for your healthy new nails to grow out fully. 

We also offer personal shoe sterilizers for those who want to reduce the risk of reinfection by sanitizing their shoes between wearings.

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