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Are you looking for an extraordinary podiatry clinic? One that has experience in both the foot and ankle issues of athletes as well as those suffering from arthritis or diabetes-related issues? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

At the Colorado Center for Podiatric Sports Medicine, we’ve tailored our practice and philosophy to serve active, athletic individuals, and those who wish to be more active with the most advanced and effective treatment procedures and technologies available. We’re trusted by weekend warriors and pros alike.

Many of the services and treatment options you find here go beyond what you can find in an ordinary podiatry clinic. From advanced treatment options to specialty orthotics to computer gait analysis, no one is better equipped to help you get back in the game safer or faster.

Orpyx® SI Sensory Insoles

Diabetics not only have to watch their diets and blood sugar very carefully, but it’s important they also pay close attention to their feet.  Unfortunately, it’s difficult to monitor your feet or the feet of an elderly loved one every day. Orpyx® SI Sensory Insoles effortlessly capture plantar pressure, step count, hours of use, and plantar temperature throughout the day. They will provide you with real-time audiovisual alerts to enable you to take action to resolve high-pressure areas that may lead to tissue breakdown.

PinPointe™ Footlaser® Therapy

Just like athlete’s foot is common in people who tend to have sweaty feet for extended periods, so is toenail fungus. The bacteria that cause toenail fungus, or onychomycosis (on-ih-koh-my-KOH-sis), is everywhere, and once it seeps into your system, it is extremely difficult to get rid of. PinPointe Footlaser Therapy can typically eliminate toenail fungus after one treatment when proper precautions are taken after treatment is completed. (More severe cases of toenail fungus may require follow-up visits for care.)

Advanced Treatments

Most traditional medical procedures focus on symptoms rather than causes—particularly in cases of musculoskeletal pain and injury.

Advanced Treatments are different. These exciting, advanced treatment options not only provide quick relief from pain, but actually accelerate your body’s own natural cellular growth and repair mechanisms. In other words, you heal faster, need less rehab, and can get back on the field much sooner. Ask us about available options!.

Computerized Gait Analysis

A gait analysis can be an important tool for identifying the root biomechanical causes of pain, prescribing custom orthotics, or just helping an athlete gain a competitive edge.

Now, some clinics just watch you run on a treadmill and call that a “gait analysis.” Not here. We perform a segmental foot assessment and use pressure mapping. This gives us in-depth, detailed data that we can be used to tailor treatment protocols, design optimal orthotics, or even help you find the best pair of shoes or cleats for your game.

Custom Athletic Orthotics

Not all feet are created equal. Biomechanical and structural flaws like flat feet, stiff big toe, short leg, or overpronation could be holding you back on the field, causing pain and limiting your power, agility, and balance.

Just like glasses or contacts help your eyes see clearly, custom orthotics stabilize and support your feet and restore healthy biomechanics to your feet and ankles so that they can work at optimum efficiency. That means less pain, lower risk of injuries on the field, and even improved athletic performance. All our orthotics are ideal for active individuals, and our soccer-specific orthotics are manufactured by the same lab that makes orthotics for the U.S. national soccer teams.

Cleat Evaluations

The right pair of soccer cleats can make or break your performance out on the pitch. Cleats that match your biomechanics and playing style can help you improve your game, while poor cleats can lead to pain and injury.

If your feet are hurting, bring your cleats in with you for your appointment. We are happy to provide a full assessment and evaluation of your “boots,” including uppers, insoles, midsoles, and even the type and arrangement of studs. We’re happy to help you find a pair of cleats that are well suited to your foot structure, gait style, position—even the kind of turf you typically play on.

No. 1 in Podiatric Sports Medicine

If painful feet are keeping you from playing hard and living your best life, give us a call. As a former athlete himself, Dr.  Yakel knows what you’re going through—and how badly you want to be back in the game.

To schedule an appointment, give us a call at (720) 600-3380.

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