How to Prepare for the Upcoming Sports Season

Work. School. House chores. Bad weather. There are plenty of obstacles that have kept us from doing the things we love over the past few months, including playing our favorite sports. Most of us have been relying more on our couches and TVs to keep us entertained...

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MLS Laser: A Faster Way to Get Back on the Field

There’s a reason we’re known as the foot and ankle specialists for athletes, by athletes. We love working with active people—from professional soccer stars to Wednesday night beer leaguers. One thing all these athletes have in common? They’re not especially patient...

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Tips for Protecting Your Feet During Footwork

Ready. Set. Wait! First you need to get your footwork done – proper footwork is, after all, the foundation of any good sports activity. And, we know you’ve been out there doing ladder drills and jumping over those ropes. As athletes, we all understand that having a...

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The Importance of Cross Training

As the official podiatric care provider for the Colorado Rapids, our team has the distinct pleasure of working with professional athletes at the top of their games. Our patients have played for World Cups and achieved fame at home and abroad. But even pros who eat,...

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Do Soccer Players Even Need to Lift?

Do you even lift?If soccer is your main sport, there’s a decent chance your answer is “no,” or at least “not often.” Why would you need to hit the weights in a game about speed and fitness, in which you play primarily with your feet?Well, actually …Hitting the weights...

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How to Stay In Shape Over the Winter Holidays

Unless you’re playing a winter sport linked with the academic calendar—or just getting out to the slopes every weekend—chances are good that the months of December and January are “off season” for your physical activities. On the one hand, the cold weather and...

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Plantar Fasciitis Tips for Soccer Players

Stockton and Malone. Iniesta and Xavi. Sakic and Forsberg. Sports history is littered with legendary duos. Well, here’s another sports duo that’s a lot less legendary, but just as well known to thousands (if not millions) of athletes of all levels around the world:...

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Drills and Exercises to Improve Ankle Stability

Whether you’re on the field, court, track, or just moving along in day-to-day life, you want what’s holding you up to provide the support and balance you need. Unfortunately, ankle stability isn’t something we tend to think about until it starts to give out on us....

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