Heel-Toe Drop, and Why it Matters in Your Running Shoes

For a runner, shoe anatomy can be as much of a contributing factor to comfort and performance as your own foot anatomy. In both cases, changes of just a few millimeters can have very significant impacts. This is why we often address abnormalities in foot structure...

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Are Changes in Your Workout Hurting Your Feet?

If your plans for this season have included sports, the gym, or many other athletic pursuits, odds are high that COVID-19 has put them into a frustrating tailspin. Never underestimate humanity’s resilience and ability to adapt, though. While some plans may have gone...

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Chasing Down the Best Type of Running Shoe for You

If you have decided to take up running, then first of all, good for you! Whether you consider it a hobby, a sport, or a discipline, it can have fantastic effects on your overall health, including that of your feet and ankles. That said, those benefits will only last...

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Preventing Sports Injuries in Adolescent Feet

Sports and physical activity are an important part of child development. They can provide valuable lessons on perseverance, teamwork, and sportsmanship, not to mention keep the body in fit shape! But here’s the thing: With physical activity also comes the possibility...

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Taking Care of Your Feet This Holiday Season

Most kids want to grow up so badly because they have an idea that being an adult means we can do “whatever we want to do.” (Done laughing yet?) As an adult, you know better – the truth is life is stressful. And though this can certainly be true year-round, it is even...

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What to Do About Achilles Tendinitis

Guess which tendon in the body is the largest and strongest? If you guessed the Achilles tendon, then you’ve got it! But don’t be mistaken – just because it is the hardest-working tendon in your body does not make it invincible. In fact, given the cumulative impacts...

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Athletes: Steer Clear from Plantar Fasciitis

Picture this: Morning arrives and your alarm clock goes off. You reach over and hit the snooze button once or twice before peeling yourself off the bed and sitting up. Finally, you muster up enough courage to actually get out of bed, because you know what comes next –...

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Why You NEED a Gait Analysis

Athletes are looking for any edge they can get. And it’s almost unbelievable how hard they’ll work to get it. How many hours have you put in at the gym or on the training field in order to get just a little stronger, a little faster, a little more explosive? How many...

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Getting Back into Sports After a Foot or Ankle Injury

Injuries are, almost inevitably, a part of the sports experience for dedicated athletes. No matter how well you condition yourself, no matter how well you prepare, when you continually push your body to its limit, the risk of injury will always be there. And a foot or...

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