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Athletes demand a lot out of their feet and ankles. Power. Support. Balance. Agility. Durability.

Whether you’re out on a long run, jumping for a rebound, cutting to avoid a defender, or swerving a cross into the box, you need to know your feet and ankles are going to be there for you—shouldering the load and driving through.

Unfortunately, not all foot structures are optimized for these tasks. Abnormalities in the way bones are structured, the way pressure is distributed, and the way joints move can lower your performance and increase your risk of injury.

That’s where custom orthotics come in. Each of these shoe inserts is custom designed for your feet and there to give you the support, alignment, and stability you need to play and feel your best.

How Do Custom Orthotics Help Active Individuals?

Custom orthotics are widely used by foot and ankle specialists to correct biomechanical abnormalities in the feet. Just like glasses or contacts allow people with inefficient eyes to see clearly, custom orthotics allow people with poor foot structures to distribute weight and pressure efficiently and improve body alignment and biomechanics.

Whether you’re active or not, custom orthotics can greatly reduce daily strain and pain on not only the feet, but all the way up the legs and back. By putting your feet back into proper alignment throughout the entire gait cycle, alignment throughout the entire standing skeletal system is improved.

For athletes and active individuals, custom orthotics are even more valuable—they can actually improve your performance on the field.

Improved biomechanics of the feet and ankles means you can expend less energy while generating more speed and power. You reduce the rate of fatigue and the risk of injury, which allows you to train harder, play longer, and improve your skills faster.

How to Get the Best Pair of Orthotics for Your Game

At the Colorado Center for Podiatric Sports Medicine, we’re serious about matching our athletes with the best possible set of custom orthotics for their lifestyle.

Although most foot and ankle experts, physical therapists, chiropractors, and shoe stores offer custom orthotics fitting at their office, not all orthotics are created equal. The type of orthotics used, foot impression, the prescription, and the lab at which they are created all make a difference and vary from clinic to clinic.

At our office, we use segmental foot assessment and pressure mapping—in other words, an advanced computer scanning system—to construct a precisely detailed map of your feet. Pressure mapping is also used as a snapshot to see what your feet are doing when you walk. It allows us to not only determine whether or not you need orthotics in the first place, but if so, the exact specifications you need for a perfect fit.

Once we have the measurements (and perform a thorough physical evaluation and gait analysis), we’ll send the specifications over to the lab to have your orthotics constructed.

We use a couple different labs to construct our orthotics—one all-purpose athletic orthotics lab and a second for soccer-specific orthotics. The soccer orthotics lab is the same one used by the United States men’s and women’s national soccer teams.

If foot, leg, or back pain is keeping you from playing the way you want to play or enjoying your favorite activities, a new pair of custom orthotics may be the answer you need. To schedule an appointment, please call us at (720) 600-3380 today.

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