Expert Podiatry Services for Our Longmont Community!

Are you an athlete in Longmont who has sustained a foot or ankle injury? Or perhaps your son or daughter was hurt on the court or field and needs professional treatment from an experienced foot doctor?

Well, Colorado Center for Podiatric Sports Medicine is here for you!

Our mission is to get you and your loved ones back in the game by providing the best podiatric care in Longmont.

Your road to recovery starts by scheduling an appointment with our podiatry office – conveniently located at:

2130 Mountain View Ave., Ste. 202

Longmont, CO 80501

Just give us a call to schedule your appointment!

The Expert Foot and Ankle Treatment You Deserve

When you do, our podiatrist — James Yakel, DPM — works hard to accurately diagnose the foot or ankle condition causing pain and discomfort.

Dr. Yakel then uses that information to determine the root cause and create a custom treatment plan to solve it.

You will find that our podiatrist capitalizes on his experience, knowledge, and state-of-the-art techniques to get you and your loved ones back to favorite activities in the shortest possible amount of time.

Learn about some of those treatment options on this page!

Your Office Experience Matters to Us

In addition to our commitment to providing the best foot and ankle sports injury treatments in Longmont, we are also dedicated to giving you an exceptional office experience.

To help with this, you can reduce your wait time by taking advantage of the new patient paperwork you can find here on this page.

Simply print the form, fill it out, and bring along with you to your appointment.

Don’t worry – we won’t turn you away if you forget! You can still fill out the paperwork in our office and then receive the attention and care you should expect from Longmont’s top podiatrist.

(We just know that you’re busy and want to be respectful of your time!)

Keeping the Longmont Community Active and Healthy

Foot and ankle sports injuries are incredibly frustrating. If the pain isn’t bad enough, they keep you away from favorite activities as well.

Fortunately, they are also treatable – and Dr. Yakel knows what it takes to help you overcome them.

Don’t suffer with foot pain any longer. Instead, seek the professional care and treatment so many community members consistently find here at Colorado Center for Podiatric Sports Medicine.

If you’d like more information or have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at (720) 600-3380 or simply fill out our online contact form and one of our team members will be in touch!

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